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‘Kayso, at some level ‘identity and brading’ is a snazzy way of saying ‘logo design’. Well, it’s a bit more than that –– identity & branding can also mean packaging, advertising materials & product stance, among other things.

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Logos are ancient; we have examples dating back to 2300 BCE. At a very basic level, even royal crests, coin faces, cattle brands and tribal markings fall under the definition. The idea behind these inventions is to promote instant public recognition and promotion; they range from a simple type treatment to ridiculously abstract pictograms.

Odds are you’ve either got one –– and it started life as a cocktail napkin sketch or piece of clip art, it could use some tuning –– or you need one and could use some help getting started.

We do that.

We’re happy to help you craft a piece of identity that suits your vision and your project’s purpose. Or we can help you refresh an existing logo and help bring it up to date. We can also help rebuild a logo whose originating files have been lost to the mists of time.

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Your logo needs to be clear, concise and, above all, scalable. You can do some wicked cool stuff with design programs these days –– but those fine lines and graduated colors end up looking like a blob when you scale the size down.

Relevance Or Lack Thereof

You can go any number of ways with identity design. We might play off the name, initials, service or product –– or go with something completely abstract. How a your logo firms out should be a matter of your taste and vision, not necessarily what we think.

Clip Art ≠ Logo

Pulling a piece of art out of MS Office or one of the stock services does not count as having a logo. Hey, it might be a great place to start –– but in the end it won’t actually be you. And trademark suits are a wicked pain.

Recognizability & Consistency

You want your logo to be unique, and not just because of those pesky copyright laws. At the very pinnacle of logo design is creating something that stays with people and says “You know, whenever I think of coffee, I see a giant mermaid. What the hell?” Part of that is saturation bombing; think Budweiser or Coke. Since you likely don’t have Coke’s budget [and hey, we’re for hire if you do] so you can afford having your logo etched on the surface of the moon, your logo has to be consistent. That way when people see it, they do know it –– and associate it with you.


A professional looking logo lends itself to someone feeling they’re looking at a professional. If your logo is closer to a kid’s lemonade sign – and you’re not selling lemonade – you’ve probably got a bit of a perception problem. We can help with that.

The Half Life of Originating Files

For reasons we’ve never quite understood, logo files seem to disappear. Kind of like the caps for disposable ball point pens. What ends up happening is when you go to get new materials [say, business cards] you don’t have the originating files, so you end up using a scan from something else. Or an improperly formatted version, like a pixellated EPS file. And your logo ends up looking, well, bad. We can fix that. We rebuild logos on a very regular basis, and are often able to get within 99% of the original. When we do a rebuild, we not only give you copies in mainstream formats – we keep copies ourselves, so there’s always a version somewhere.

No, using 99 Designs doesn’t count.

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