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We're always happy to take in information. Even if we can't find a use for you... er, don't have a current position aptly suited to your unique qualifications, we'll be happy to put you on file -- we never know what the next foray into the unknown might require, and we're always looking to expand our network of fellow mercenaries.

Sales Weasel [Alternate Definition: TechnoPimp]

Immediate opening for anyone that can sell ice cubes to Siberians and would willingly snake their infirm grandmother on a deal. We're looking for someone both even-tempered and rabid -- and we're willing to pay high commission for the right candidate.

Must provide own bellbottoms and platform shoes.


The Technical & Creative Services staff at Liquid Anvil would be a lot more comfortable with anti-social media and generally isn’t allowed out in public without a handler, so we’d like to find someone to bridge the gap. We’re looking for someone to handle content generation in the brave new world of online social interaction. And don’t worry about the programming side of things –– the goons actually like that part.

This is a part-time postion with room for growth.

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