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Look, a generic marketing picturestock photography is the old new black

Liquid Anvil wasn’t founded by people who took an HTML class at the local learning annex and decided web design sounded like a good way to get to work in our socks. And there isn’t just a multilingual front man who’s job shopping everything to a significantly different time zone. This is what we do, and what we’ve done professionally since Sir Tim Berners-Lee [blessed be his name] invented the thing.

The whole sock thing just turned out to be a bonus.

This is what we love to do. We are, in fact, unrepentant and unapologetic geeks –– so it could be argued that this is what we were born [or, in one notable case, designed by a college science department] to do. And we do it all in house: design, identity, development, data, commerce, architecture, all those fiddly bits with all the initials that only nerds understand. And since we do it all in one package, your end product ends up as a more seamless and polished whole.

Nobody really reads this stuff except our moms, but here’s some of our industry chops:

  • Fortune 500 veterans
  • Experience in online design and marketing starting at Year One
  • Over two decades of design experience across a variety of mediums, including the interactive, web, identity, print, video, educational and industrial disciplines
  • Thousands of completed projects
  • Hundreds of site credits
  • Published in our fields
  • Educators in our fields
  • Award winners in our fields

So What Does The Mean to You?

This means you’ll get A-Team experience, knowledge, dedication and service for a reasonable price. Your project will get all the attention and knowledge only a seasoned group of professionals can bring to the table. And it will get done on time and in budget.

In an infinite universe, someone will eventually read this. And laugh.

Portland, Maine web and identity design
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