Company: What’s a Liquid Anvil, Anyway?

Look, a generic marketing picturefriggin’ graphic designers. sheesh.

We could tell you we ruminated heavily on appropriate keywords that gave a strong yet fluid presence to a company forged to create an entity that could serve businesses more effectively with a unified marketing presence. Then, after rigorous focus group testing, we were finally able to create a brand and identity that met our exacting criteria in order to adequately portray our core values and focus.


Or we could say we locked the creative department in a room with some hamburgers, a bag of Funyuns™, a twelver of Labatts Blue, a large inflatable hammer, an internet connection and a yo-yo just to see if they could come up with something cool with a free .COM and build a logo to suit.

This’d probably be a bit closer to the truth.

Either way, we’re extremely pleased with the end result. And when you see our work, we think you will be too.

Liquid Anvil represents a company with fluid capabilities and a strong foundation -- and we can’t think of a better way to approach business in the modern world. Plus, the logo is pretty friggin’ cool, no?

And since arriving home we’ve switched to Shipyard & Gritty’s, so there’s no telling what we might come up with next.

Can a liquid anvil be made completely out of cheese and still be effective?

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