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Look, a generic marketing picturecan you say repurposed?

eCommerce used to be a daunting proposition back when Jeff Bezos reinvented the way the world does business from his parent’s garage and bolted together Amazon in a caffeine induced daze in order to sell spare junk and ended up becoming rich enough to buy Paraguay.

Things have gotten a bit more refined since then.

eCommerce doesn’t have to be – and frankly isn’t – that difficult to be successful with, if you choose the right system for your needs. And that sticky bit is where we can help.

We’ve worked with [and beaten on] a variety of systems:

  • Business Catalyst
  • Magento
  • Cube Cart
  • Zen Cart
  • osCommerce
  • the stores at eBay, Yahoo & Amazon

And we can help put you in the system that suits your needs now and further down the road.

Now, if you could just ship by wire… Oh, we just thought of something we could do with a 3D printer.

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