Liberty Homes came to us as an offshoot of a previous design, where we worked around their being featured on HGTV -- and they wanted to step up the game a bit. We're building out an adaptive design [since their clients don't need all their data delivered on mobile devices] and a fresh new look and a rescue from the WordPress developer circle of hell.


Business Catalyst, QR Codes, HTML/CSS, WebApps, jQuery, Adapative Design, CRM


Web Design, Mobile Design, Identity Tweak, CRM


Wood tiles are the new black. On a side note, these dudes are the nicest people on the planet. And they lift.

It should probably be noted that whilst I was designing and developing the majority of these projects, I was either in direct employ or contracting to the owners; rights remain with them.
Ah, and probably listening to really, really loud music.

Portland, Maine web and identity design
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